stock1 W3S3 [stɔk US sta:k] n
1¦(in a shop)¦
3¦(amount available)¦
5 take stock (of something)
9 the stocks
10 somebody's stock is high/low
11 stock of jokes/knowledge/courage etc
12 be of Scottish/Protestant/good etc stock
[: Old English; Origin: stocc 'tree-trunk, block of wood']
1.) ¦(IN A SHOP)¦ [U and C]
a supply of a particular type of thing that a shop has available to sell
We have a huge stock of quality carpets on sale.
Buy now while stocks last!
out of stock/in stock
(=unavailable or available in a particular shop)
I'm sorry, that swimsuit is completely out of stock in your size.
2.) ¦(FINANCE)¦
a) especially AmE a ↑share in a company
the trading of stocks and shares
b) [U]
the total value of all of a company's ↑shares
the total amount of something that is available to be used in a particular area
Cod stocks in the North Atlantic have dropped radically.
the stock of housing in rural areas
4.) ¦(SUPPLIES)¦
a supply of something that you keep and can use when you need to
stock of
He keeps a stock of medicines in the cupboard.
The country has been building up its stock of weapons.
5.) take stock (of sth)
to think carefully about the things that have happened in a situation in order to decide what to do next
While in hospital, Jeremy took stock of his life.
6.) ¦(COOKING)¦ [U and C]
a liquid made by boiling meat or bones and vegetables, which is used to make soups or to add ↑flavour to other dishes
chicken stock
vegetable stock
7.) ¦(GUN)¦
the part of a gun that you hold or put against your shoulder, usually made of wood
8.) ¦(ANIMALS)¦[U]
farm animals, especially cattle
9.) the stocks
a) a wooden structure in a public place to which criminals were fastened by their feet or hands in the past
b) a wooden structure in which a ship is held while it is being built
10.) sb's stock is high/low
if someone's stock is high or low, they are very popular or very unpopular
Simon's stock is high in the network news business.
11.) stock of jokes/knowledge/courage etc
the jokes, knowledge etc that someone knows or has
John seems to have an inexhaustible stock of funny stories.
12.) be of Scottish/Protestant/good etc stock
to belong to a family that in the past lived in Scotland, were Protestants, were respected etc
13.) ¦(FLOWER)¦
a plant with pink, white, or light purple flowers and a sweet smell
14.) ¦(PLANT)¦
a thick part of a stem onto which another plant can be added so that the two plants grow together
15.) ¦(ACTORS)¦ AmE
stock 2
stock2 v [T]
1.) if a shop stocks a particular product, it keeps a supply of it to sell
We stock a wide range of kitchen equipment.
2.) to fill something with a supply of something
stock sth with sth
Our refrigerator at college was always stocked with beer.
stock up phr v
to buy a lot of something in order to keep it for when you need to use it later
stock up on
I have to stock up on snacks for the party.
stock 3
stock3 adj
1.) stock excuse/question/remark etc
an excuse etc that people often say or use, especially when they cannot think of anything more interesting or original - used to show disapproval
2.) [only before noun] stock item/size
something that is available in a shop and does not have to be ordered

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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